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Being behind the lens is my happy place.

Hi my name is Valerie Rondone, I was born in Santa Clara in a brick appartment building. I was brought up to love everyone and to make sure to help others. I now currently live in El Dorado Hills with my husband children and mother in law.  with the help and family suport I am able to develope my skills as a photographer to creat the work that I love.  Through photography I have been able to make connections with familys, and couples.  My love for putting beautiful imagery on the walls is showcased in my own home and now other homes around the area.

I love to capture the moments of life, and through the lense I am able to deliver a wonderful product to my clients.  The fun energetic energies that come out of the children that get caught by my lense is incredible.  If i just had a couple of ounces of that energy.

One of the best experiences is through personal growth. Every year my girfiend and I take a trip to get away and go on an adventure that includes stoping and taking beautiful landscapes. So far we have been to Zion, Arches, Canyon Lands, and Yosemite, images from our trips are in the Portfolio.  Our next destination is …

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Wedding Photography

Capturing the moments from the engagement to the couple leaving in the getaway car.  I help with realelistic time lines, and creating custom invatations.

  • Engagement Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Commercials Vendor Details
Price Start at: $800

Commercial Photography

Are you in the market for rebranding yourself?  I would love to be the one to capture your look with Modeling Headshots, Personal Branding, and Product Details.

  • Modeling
  • Branding
  • Product
Prices Start at : $150

Clients and Testimonilas

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Kelli M.

Kelli M.

"We love that you take our family photos and thanks soooo much for the canvas! You have such an eye for detail.
My kids love you, we all love you!
Amazing work, especially getting my daughter to smile "

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